Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aldo flip flops???

I got some really cute flip flops @ ALDO... the thing is that i didn%26#039;t notice until i got home that the leather upper part of the sole is one kind of tan on one sandal and its a little darker on the other one... i got them on sale.

should i return them.. or what?

Aldo flip flops???
yah i would at least try.

maybe that%26#039;s why they were on sale?

make sure you have/keep ur receipt!!

maybe ALDO will give you a refund or if they have the pair you are looking for you can exchange them =]

**hope i helped** =] =] =] =]
Reply:1st - do they have any others to do an exchange?

2nd - would you pay full price for them, if not, then bring them back
Reply:Its aok you wont be able to see it any way... Thats probaly the reason they were on sale
Reply:if it%26#039;s only on the sole you won%26#039;t be able to tell with your foot standing on it??

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Poll: Ladies Footwear......?

Which one do u prefer?

(1)http://www.soledivas.co.uk/productPopup.... - White Hessian Wedge Heel Sandal

(2)http://www.soledivas.co.uk/productPopup.... Baker - Wedge Sandal Chocolate

(3)http://www.soledivas.co.uk/productPopup.... Baker - Venus

(4)http://www.soledivas.co.uk/productPopup.... Red Leather

(5)http://www.soledivas.co.uk/productPopup.... Red Sandal


Poll: Ladies Footwear......?
Reply:hi i liked the 1 one.i felt itz different from the rest!!!
Reply:five and three win the prise from me
Reply:#3 is pretty sexy.
Reply:WOW!! The only one I liked is number 1.
Reply:i like #3 out of all of them
Reply:it%26#039;s a toss between 3 and 4
Reply:3 is the hotttter 1
Reply:i prefer 3rd one
Reply:it depends on what you are wearing it with. I love love love red shoes! but just for general, something to match a lot of stuff, I would go with #3
Reply:I don%26#039;t care for them but if I had to choose one then it would be #3 just because I like the heel on them better.

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Something similar to this? (site included)?

can you help me find something that looks like these?

i can%26#039;t get the first one because it is too expensive and i can%26#039;t get the second one because my friend has a pair.



Something similar to this? (site included)?
Both are very cute.. but are u in Florida..??? why in the winter do u want sandals.

go to any store.. Macy%26#039;s... Penny%26#039;s,, etc.. and pull up their web site and go to shoes.. or look up shoes on the web and look in stores stores until u find the ones u like best..

good luck, happy holidays.
Reply:i love the bottom link, there really cute..

why don%26#039;t you just get the same shoe but a diffrent color




Reply:Have you tried www.zappos.com? They have a lot of flat strappy sandals.

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What color shoes with black dress?

Tomorrow nite I am wearing a black v neck dress with a ribbon belt around the waist with acordion pleats to the knee. I am trying to decide what shoes to wear. Last time I wore the dress I wore gold strappy stiletto sandals. I was thinking of maybe removing the ribbon belt and replacing with either a leopard print belt or red patent leather and wearing either red or leopard peeptoes. Or should I stick with the gold?


What color shoes with black dress?
Reply:Black, silver or red. I personally don%26#039;t like gold and black together.

I was watching the Look For Less once and the inspiration outfit had a black pencil skirt and silver heels. (I forget what color the top was.) I never thought of wearing silver shoes with a black outfit until I saw that. It looked really nice.
Reply:If you remove the belt replace it with a color so that you can find shoes and a purse the same color to match. Happy New Year!! Be safe
Reply:With the leopard I think gold would go the best. If you use the red belt or even no belt, red would look fantastic. And silver is more universal, you could wear that with just about everything. White is an option also.
Reply:you can wear red shoes that makes it elegance. Gold is a nice choice actually ,but if you wanna change you wear silver sandals it goes along with the dress too.
Reply:No not leopard, go with red or gold.

Since you wore gold last time you might prefer to wear red, but I think gold will look better so you could replace the ribbon belt with a gold belt...
Reply:replace the ribbone for the cheetah print belt and wear black chunky heels
Reply:Go for the gold! Or silver! Red is nice, but more for Christmas in this season. Definitely go for the shimmer for New Years. And totally jazz it up with the accessories!! It sounds like the dress is very nice and classy. Make it real fun and sexy with the other details! You still have time, go out and find a real nice silver belt. Something big and shiny. (Not gaudy, you know) Match it up with the necklace, earrings, bracelets, shoes... Have fun!
Reply:I find shoes depend upon the occation. A good pair of stylish black boots with silver fixtures could do wonders for a more casual setting or I personally would go for two toned platform heels for something more formal. My favorites with black ... metalic colors (bronze is my metal of choice), rusts (reds to oranges - think autumn), bubblegum pink (but you need to have those match a scarf or jewelery), mauve, or if you have the personality to pull it off, yellow or emerald green. I do not like animal prints as I find them too explictly %26quot;look at me%26quot; when something more unique will do the job better. AVOID pastels, purples/blues, or wearing shoes so strappy that they will get lost. The color choice is actually less important than the shoe being fun and making you feel happy.

and let me quote nzgirl ... %26quot;Shoes, glorious shoes. When wearing a little black dress do not…I repeat do not wear it with black shoes. You’ll either look like you’re off to a funeral or off to marry Marilyn Manson (where%26#039;s he gone by the way?). Too much black is depressing and boring. You need shoes with sparkle, colour, shimmer and detail to make your little black dress shine once again. %26quot;

In your case I would choose the reds but if you have a cute jacket to tone it down a notch, I%26#039;d do that.
Reply:Well I hate leopard, gold, and red. So I%26#039;m voting for silver here.
Reply:Black or silver strappy ones.
Reply:okay u nead some help just put the leopard print down!!!!!!!!!

Now if u r going to a party with younger people u r good to wear the gold or the red. Now if u r going with older I wwould say the gold or if u have black shoes that would be great. JUST DO NOT WEAR LEOPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:black, silver, and gold.
Reply:someone once told me that red shoes are f**k me shoes.

i%26#039;ve never worn red shoes since!

stick with the gold or wear black stappy sandals - more tasteful
Reply:The great thing about black is that you can put almost anything with it. If its for a date, go for the red its sexy. Just remember to always match your accessories!
Reply:leopard or red for sure! i like leopard best i think....sounds like a cute outfit. good luck!
Reply:Not red. Either black or gold
Reply:you can pretty much wear any color you want, but make sure you have some kind of color drawn around your waist so the focus doesnt go straight to your feet. hope that helped =]

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What are the most comfortable shoes?

I am having real problems finding comfortable men%26#039;s shoes. Almost every kind I get make my feet badly sweat! Is there something wrong with my feet? I tried footsoles too. Ideally I would like them black or dark brown leather or even canvas. Casual, walking and / or dress. I dont want black Converse though. At work I have to wear sandals or slippers to keep my feet from sweating. Even my Solomon mesh water shoes make my feet sweat! I dont want the plastic molded shoe sole like so many use now either. I have a pair of hiking shoes with the molded foot and after a mile or so they actually make my right ankle start hurting so bad I can hardly even walk!

What are the most comfortable shoes?
Try moccasins. The most comfortable shoes I have and /or have ever owned are wallabees clark moccasins. They were designed by the native americans. Incredibly comfortable. I will post a link of what they look like.
Reply:There is only one shoe that is the most comfortable yet not maybe the best looking.


I have had a pair for a year now, wear them on the beach, when I go out casually, walking on mountain paths.
Reply:First answer is right.

Walk a mile in his moccasins.
Reply:try new balance shoes.
Reply:Born shoes. Very comfortable soft leather.

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Better outfit?

School semi-formal. Sorry no links.

Better outfit?

a. black and red checkered mircro mini, lace leggins, black satin dressy top, and the most ADORABLE red and black patent leather kitten heel ballet flats

b. yellow flowey halter with sequins [reallly pretty], dark wash bootcut jeans, and gold gladiator sandals.




Better outfit?

hahahah well i wanted you to war the yellow

dress with the cute jeans and the gold sandal heels thing, and you did, and you looked pretty.

so yeah i%26#039;d go with the whole first outfit on something like a party!
Reply:Micro Mini or Jeans to a semi formal???


How about the bag they came in?
Reply:i like (b). sounds so pretty!


Reply:a sounds cute, but jeans aren%26#039;t going to cut it at a semi formal.
Reply:I would go with A because it is supposed to be semi-formal and for b jeans just don%26#039;t soud that semi fromal

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My flip flops reek... what can i do?

alright, so i own a pair of Reef Sultans... they are just standard leather flip flops that i paid a good 40 bucks for. The problem is that feet sweat, the sweat gets in the sandals, and they stink. How do you guys keep your feet from smelling like straight a$$ when you%26#039;re wearing flip flops?

My flip flops reek... what can i do?
Stop wearing them everyday and give them a break. Spray some odor killer or some foot powder on and wrap them in newspaper for a day. You will probably have to repeat on numerous occasions.
Reply:You%26#039;re going to have to clean those suckers if you use them a lot. I%26#039;d clean them, thoroughly dry them, then treat them with a water resistant spray for shoes. You can find that anywhere. This will prevent the sweat from seeping in the shoe and smelling horrible. First step would be to get rid of the smell before doing that! Also, it%26#039;s leather, so you can%26#039;t just toss em in the washing machine, I think. Get yourself a good leather cleaner and give them a thorough cleaning, then treat it with the spray.

As for the smelly, sweaty feet, I wouldn%26#039;t use powder for your feet while wearing flip flops... that will rub onto the shoes. Try a foot spray or even buy clear roll-on deoderant and put it on your foot. Arm pit deoderant isn%26#039;t bad for your feet :) Just put a little on and let it dry before putting your feet in the flip flops.

On a final note, you may want to stay away from any %26quot;cloth%26quot; or %26quot;leather%26quot; flip flops if you sweat too much... stick to a plastic or something.

Good luck!
Reply:be a 90 year old guy and wear socks. make sure they go half way up your calf and have red stripes at the top

use febreeze - odor eaters - gold bond - leather treatment oil

or pony up and buy a new pair if you reek that bad
Reply:get new flip flops...

wash your feet...

wash your flip flops...

try using baby power or gold bond to make your feet less sweaty...
Reply:You should probally throw them away %26amp; get a $1.00 pair, made of that rubber like stuff so they will not absorbe your sweat.

But since you paid $40.00 for a pair %26amp; want to keep them, Spray them with Lysol, it will kill the smell................

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